Communication Skills

Holger did his training in NLP from 2005 - 2007 in New Zealand and the United States with Dr. Richard Bolstad and John Overdurf.
He has since been teaching in several places around the world with various institutions and companies including:

Communicating successfully

In two days, you'll learn and practise precision skills for building relationships that work. You'll take these skills successfully into your professional environment as well as your home and friendships.

Communicating Succesfully is based on a training developed by Dr. Richard Bolstad, New Zealand. Its aim is the use of leading edge skills to create co-operation and resolve conflict.

The training has two main building blocks. Firstly, successfull skills from Neurolinguistic Programming are used to highlight and change the importance of how our language represents and influences our feelings. Secondly, a simple interpersonal dynamic, based on Thomas Gordon's problem ownership, enables to easily use the right skill at the right time.

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